• New context menu- “Baidu Cleaner Uninstaller” for cleaning software more conveniently.
  • New entrance for the settings of the real-time reminder.
  • Accelerated the speed of plugin scanning.
  • Better cold startup performance.
  • Optimized the interface and arrangement of the Startup Manager’s tools.


  • New cleaning reminder for the junks and plugins of the running browsers.
  • Now you can put the bundled software you trust into the trust list.
  • Cleans the installation packages that under the“Download” catalogue.
  • Cleans the “Windows.old” backup file which has been generated after system reinstallation.
  • The cleaning items will be displayed in order of size after the scanning.
  • Optimized the “History” panel for the “Startup Manager”.
  • Optimized the “File Transferring” feature of the “WiFi Hotspot”.


  • Added a Clean Genius desktop component so you can conveniently accelerate your computer and free up memory.
  • Baidu Cleaner now supports Thai and Portuguese.
  • The Software Uninstaller now has a recording function for uninstalling residual files, so you can continue scanning next time you cannot delete a file.
  • Improved the bundled software filter's Android device driver.
  • Improved the bundled software filter's rules to reduce false positives caused by software updates.
  • Adjusted the Clean Genius interface.


  • Added icons for each cleaning item to help users better understand what they're cleaning.
  • Now checks background programs and closes them after you run a “Full Clean”.
  • Optimized the logic of the scanning processes to make it more clear.
  • Now recommends “Deep Optimization” (New feature) according to the status of your PC after you've finished cleaning it.
  • System files will be hidden in the “Software Uninstaller” panel.
  • Optimized visual effects for installation and uninstallation panels.
  • Optimized overall performance.


  • Optimized the scanning and cleaning processes for "Full Scan" feature.
  • Recommends you to use appropriate features according to your user scenarios after cleaning finishes.
  • Added three new tools: "Startup Items Cleaning", "System Function Accelerator", "Internet Speed Booster".
  • Added "WiFi Hotspot" feature to turn your PC into a WiFi Hotspot.
  • Added "System Repair" feature to perform a total check on your PC and fix the problems if any.
  • Added "Facebook Repair" feature.


  • Even more powerful cleaning technology with faster scanning & running speed.
  • Easy-to-use interfaces, simplified the main features to focus more on the "cleaner" feature.
  • Better performance. Takes up less resource but runs faster.
  • Rich Cloud-Clean strategy library that offers unique cleaning solutions for 5,000 of the world's most popular programs.
  • Added three new tools: "Software Uninstaller" "Startup manager" and "Large File Cleaner".